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The Jury

Laura Coard plays the role of Sarah Edwards in The Jury, A New Musical

Mamma Mia!

Barbara de Winter joins the Ensemble of Mamma Mia! the Musical, in Antwerp.

Peter Pan

Olly Derham plays the leading role of Peter Pan in the European Tour of Peter Pan the Musical

Mary Poppins

Davey van Pas joins the cast of Mary Poppins for Svenska Teatern.

Pretty Shrewd

Charlotte King plays the role of Bianca in Pretty Shrewd for Vienna English Theatre.

Top Hat

Kiera Marner will play the leading role Dale, and Sam Aires the leading role Jerry in Top Hat, for Cunard.

An American In Paris

Genevieve Heron will be Swing in An American In Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris.


Fraser Leigh Green will play the role of Teen Angel in Grease The Musical, for Royal Caribbean Productions.

Horrible Christmas

Jake Lomas plays the role of Buster the Blue Nosed Reindeer in Horrible Christmas.

Romeo & Juliet

Phoebe Elliot plays the role of Juliet in Romeo & Juliet for The Young Shakespeare Company.

The Beatles

Aaron McCallum Hepple plays the role of Paul McCartney in the Italian tour of The Yellow Submarine.

An American In Paris

Christopher Oliver joins the European Tour of An American In Paris.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Arran Bell and Jasmine Davis join the cast of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the Union.

A Chorus Line

Pol Galcera joins the European Tour of A Chorus Line, directed by Antonio Banderas

Grease The Musical

Billy Thompson & Emily Imerfreys will be joining the Italian Tour of Grease, playing the roles of Roger & Frenchy

An Act Of God

Tom Bowen will play the role of Archangel Gabriel, co-starring with Zoe Lyons, in the European premiere of the Broadway hit An Act of God.

Tanz der Vampire

Lavinia Kastamoniti, Annis Rallis & Laura Croucher join the cast of Tanz der Vampire, The Musical.


Charlotte Berry and Cleo Stewart join the UK Tour of Respect: The Aretha Franklin Songbook


Frank van Hengel will play the role of Ferry in Company the Musical.

Saturday Night Fever

Owen Broughton plays Gus/1st cover Tony Manero & Robert Anthony plays the role of Cesar in the Saturday Night Fever UK Tour.

The Best of WHAM!

Jamie Corner plays the role of Andrew Ridgeley in The Best of WHAM! UK Tour.

Billionaire Boy

Davy Bell joins the UK Tour of Billionaire Boy, by David Walliams, playing the role of Bob.

We Will Rock You

Sjoerd van der Meer will play alternate Galileo in the We Will Rock You UK Tour.

On Your Feet

Frank van Hengel plays Ensemble/1st cover Emilio in On Your Feet, West End.