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Lee Pratt features in the latest Bacardi rum commercial.

Whitley Neill

Wade Lewin features in the new Whitley Neill commercial.

Netflix Feature Film

Gabriela Hernandez begins filming for a Netflix feature film.

Basketball documentary

Jasmine Davis features in a basketball documentary.

Bnei Brak Business Center


David Zachary features in the new Mettle commercial.

Hollington Drive, ITV

Tia May Watts plays the role of Georgina in new ITV drama, Hollington Drive

Before We Die, Channel 4

Barbara de Winter films for Channel 4 crime drama series Before We Die.

Professor T

Barbara de Winter plays the role of Dina Rush in Belgian crime drama series, Professor T.

Coke Zero

Kofi Aidoo-Appiah shoots a commercial for Coke Zero.


Kofi Aidoo-Appiah films a commercial for Tums.


Charlotte Doe films a commercial for Vodafone.

The Break, BBC

Jasmine Davis films the role of Lara for The Break, series 5, on BBC 3


Charlie Richards films a Dominos commercial.


Charlie Richards films a commercial for HSBC.

NHS Pharmacy

Rachel Barry films for the NHS.

Once Upon A Time In London

Tom Ratcliffe features in Once Upon A Time In London, available now on Netflix.

Puckoon Radio 4

Colm Gleeson features in the satirical comedy, Puckoon, on BBC Radio 4

Nemesis, Radio 4

Laura Christy plays the role of Catherine in Isaac Newton: Nemesis, for BBC Radio 4.

Lake Erie Season 2

Stephen Connery-Brown and Andrew Wheaton film for Season 2 of Lake Erie


Jennifer Oliver films an online commercial for Spotify.


Rachel Barry shoots a commercial for Theraflu.

The Trainline

Rachel Barry films a commercial for The Trainline

Baileys Dessert Bingo

Charlie Richards shoots a commercial for Baileys.