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Charlotte Doe shoots a commercial for Vodafone


Charlie Richards films a Dominos commercial


Charlie Richards films a commercial for HSBC

NHS Pharmacy

Rachel Barry films for the NHS.

Once Upon A Time In London

Tom Ratcliffe features in Once Upon A Time In London, available now on Netflix


Colm Gleeson features in the satirical comedy, Puckoon, on BBC Radio 4

Isaac Newton: Nemesis

Laura Christy plays the role of Catherine in Isaac Newton: Nemesis, for BBC Radio 4.

Lake Erie Season 2

Stephen Connery-Brown and Andrew Wheaton film for Season 2 of Lake Erie


Jennifer Oliver films an online commercial for Spotify.


Rachel Barry shoots a commercial for Theraflu.


Laura Christy plays the role of Catalina in Elsinore, Series 2, on BBC Radio 4.

The Trainline

Rachel Barry films a commercial for The Trainline

Baileys Dessert Bingo

Charlie Richards shoots a commercial for Baileys

GTST Instagram Stories

Max Himmelreich films for GTST- short films on Instagram


Jennifer Oliver films a music video for Flyte.

Motion Capture

Dimitris Kafataris will be shooting motion capture for a new video game on a major games console

Drama Series

Tom Bowen films for a new 2-part drama series.


Tom Ratcliffe films a corporate for HSBC


Charlie Richards films an online commercial for Diageo

Carleton Hobbs

Laura Christy wins the Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award 2019


Call Brian

Paul Bradshaw shoots a TV commercial for Call Brian

Uber Eats

Rachel Barry films a commercial for Uber Eats- sponsoring Love Island 2019

Team Sky

Marvin Ford films a commercial for Team Sky


Sophie Angelson films an online commercial for BetterHelp.