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Graduate Preparation Programme

The BBM GRADUATE PREPARATION PROGRAMME has been designed to ensure that young performers about to enter the industry are primed and ready to go.

From our experience of interviewing new graduates over the years, it has become clear to us that not all graduating students have this advice available to them, or would benefit from an unbiased second opinion in certain areas.

The programme is provided online as a 1-to-1 meeting, tailored to the individual, and enabling discussion throughout. All the areas detailed below will be covered, concluding in a self-tape mock audition with feedback opportunity.

  • Spotlight CV’s & headshots
  • Dance reels and vocal reels
  • Audition preparation & technique
  • Rep folders and vocal practice
  • Social media & marketing/branding
  • Approaching an Agent
  • Being your own business
  • Creating a post-graduation schedule
  • Mock audition, dance & vocal

Currently available for 2020 & 2021 Graduates

For further information and to book on the programme, please email