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Ever wondered what an Agent does all day?

A day in the life of BBM’s Becky Barrett -Agent/Managing Director


(This day was fully recorded and transcribed. Names of people mentioned are kept private. More than 50% of entries were deleted to prevent from this post being infinitely long. This post is still ridiculously long!)


5:30AM               Wake up (painfully and slowly). Feed the 3 dogs, check emails, get the workout gear on and head to the gym. 

6:00AM              Heavy sweating begins. 

7:18AM               Back home- make a protein shake, shower, pack suitcase, change outfits 3 times. 

8:27AM               Check social media and emails again. 

8:28AM               Write down my “To-Do List” for the day. Star items still on to do list from day before.

9:00AM               Change outfits again (back to the first one). Leave the house to brave the commute.




10AM                   Respond to all waiting emails, healthy shake hasn’t even touched the sides, Leon’s it is for a muffin at Euston station. Check Spotlight for new breakdowns. Touch base with Danielle and Simon regarding work for today, clients that need contacting.

11AM                    Boarded train to Glasgow with Danielle, road trip for War Horse Press Night. 

11:30AM             Third breakfast underway. Client calls with recall news for a casting. 

11:35AM             Casting Director calls with a recall for a different client and show.

11:45AM             25 actors have sent me their ‘materials’ (cover letter, photos, reel, links) for consideration of representation in the past day. Flag those of potential interest. 

12PM                   Spotlight check again.

12:15PM             Self-tape details sent out to clients for a commercial, quick turnaround time, Simon is ON IT.

12:30PM             Caffeine fix!

12:45PM            Booking in to see graduate showcases, diary is slightly crazy!.

12:50PM             Emails, emails, emails!

1PM                      Catch up with clients re their morning castings.

1:15PM                Invitation to guests for upcoming shows our clients are in.

1:30PM                LUNCH! Don’t need any more food, but too tempting to turn it down.

2PM                      Invitation going out to an industry professional to request a workshop with our clients. Spotlight check for new breakdowns.

2:30PM                Brainstorming with Danielle for future opportunities for clients, discussions on who needs to do what, who needs what feedback.

2:40PM               Finally received confirmation for an available studio for the next agency workshop, seriously need to look at planning these 5 years in advance! (eye roll).

4PM                      Glasgow!!!!

4:10PM               Best taxi driver ever, Londoner’s should be happier.

4:15PM               Hit the jackpot with the hotel, not a grimy mark in sight.

4:30PM               Initiate client drama for the day. Various phone calls going back and forth, NOBODY PANIC!

4:41PM                Drama solved, we all survived, crisis averted. Felt distraught for the client, but we’re all human, these things happen. Daily.

5PM                     Wrapping up on final responses to emails and Spotlight submissions. Almost time for the pre- Press Night Espresso Martini.

6PM                     AND BREATHE. Cocktail and dinner.

7PM                     Sneaky look at emails…. they’re addictive!

7:10PM               Arrive at theatre, introduce ourselves to Production, deliver gift to client, settle in for the show.

8:45PM               Interval. Check emails and social media (again!)

10:15PM             Curtain down, Tears for this one, what a show. Head to the party venue, checking emails on-route. Making a mental “to do” list for the next day.

10:30PM             Congratulate the client, he’s buzzing from the show, this is why we do our job.

11:30PM             Final mental rundown and discussion with Danielle on the events of the day, anything we need to remember to chase or initiate tomorrow.

12PM                   Lights out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz